Monday, April 6, 2009


juz now we had a post mortem meeting with all crews, performers and madm salmah. I thought it was over but still hav sumthing bad to inform..

1. cleanliness...both dewan agung n dewan persidangan are full with rubbish. costumes are everywhere...not to mention bilik melia...well...i lost my words...i still remember that i hav announced everyone should clean up all messes, haven't i? where was my words? no body heard it? oh...stop it yantie...its over...

2. i not sure the rest...juz let it go la

time for good news...

congratulation all!!!!!!

kind of affected with some statements made by my juniors...cant mention keep playing in my mind but not easy to state here...whatever it is...for all members of p.ramlee nite...I LOVE U ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please..and please...and please...lets this relationship everlasting....see you after 2 years and i promise that i will always visiting you guys here...mmmmmmuahx!


MizBeLL said...

y dun u put a chat box on ur blog..
its quite annoying 2 post cmmnt in ur entry..
btw..its kinda gud oso..
so that no 1 wud leave u craps msg..
hehek..ops..i start it again..
sorry if u're a lil annoyed by me..haha..
&& y dun u stop by to my blog more often..
mybe dat kitty wud follow u back 2 ur blog..haha..
owh craps..geee..
u're somewhat a senior we all proud of..
sooo..cheers && chayo2~!

p/s: dun mind my broken eng..&& what course r u taking..?tesl?.?*dunno how 2 spell the "T" word..hihik..

me n myself said...

i view ur blog 4 the sake of that cat la huhhuhu
yeah...i work on the chat box later wokey?
tq 4 the praise...u r much more better than me...

me n myself said...

teaching english for young learners..i'll b back this may.hv school based orientation at sk.saga2...hope to c u nice knowing u!

MizBeLL said...

owh..r u going 2 teach in prim school.?.

me n myself said...

yup my dear bella...
later,when u see a new teacher walking back from Sk Saga2...say hello..
mybe thats me!