Thursday, February 26, 2009



last night was a lucky night for all B.Ed TEYL cohort 5 members because both 2 nasyid group have won the Anugerah Festival NAsyid IPGM kampus Pulau Pinang.Hoooray!

Not only become the winner, they also announced as the most popular group as they got high vote from audience. Personally, i also have confidence of their performance as compared with the other group. They were performed traditionally compare than the rest who prefer modern nasyid.But, their songs have good messages and been delivered with emotion.I admitted that i also cried when they sang the IBU song.So make me miss my mum so much...want to go home.... are some last night pic.Sorry,there are no pic for the girls group because my handphone out of battery that night.


* I was lucky too since i won one of cabutan bertuah prize!for the first time in my life hahahaha
YA LAM LAM - TEYL cohort 5


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My new brothers and sisters....

memory with children from Wisma Yatim,Canadians,Mdm Salmah


last saturday (21 feb 2009) my friends (TEYL 2 and 6 friends from TEYL 1 n TEYL 3) had organized a programme with kids from Wisma Yatim.We were helding a sukaneka parcipated with 81 children (39 from Wisma Yatim Perempuan and 42 from Wisma Yatim Lelaki).This programme is our second programme with them after Kem Titian Kasih 2007,Pulau Jerjak.

This programme started at 3 pm. After some short briefing and speech by Puan Salmah (lecturer), ezwan @ onney conducted warming up session. Then, Ain and Izzah played their role to divide them into 10 groups.I was informed that it is quite hard to make them separated because they wanted to be within their friends only.However, Ain and Izah managed to solved the problem.Congrats!

around 4pm, we brought them to our college's field and the sukaneka began.Oh,almost forgot.There also 4 Canadians joined the sukaneka which are Eric, Sarah, Sharlene and Jenna.They were so sporting!

After sukaneka, we were perfomed prayer (Asar) then tea break and some dance activity. The programme ended with giving prizes ceremony (correct a?).so...i upload some photo which had been taken by Onney with his Sony Alpha 200 (not so sure) camera on that day.Enjoy it!

lets see who get it first

you so big la eric...move faster la

now to the right...

Monday, February 23, 2009

S.O.E test?P.E Presentation?OH NO!!!!

student's life...
its been 3 years i'm spent almost everyday in a year in this life never be different,same as the time passing by... beginning of my day as student a.k.a future teacher
1.30 pm - the end of lectures.

but today,as promised by our lovely lecturer,Miss choong Chin Ching...we have extra class...Hooray!so my dear time to "bermanja2" with your bed!today's class quite bored because it is only presentations...can you imagine,listening to your friends in the hot to!by the way,i'm a bit relief because i have done my presentation with flying colours.Thanks to Chin,Janu n Gary for your effort!

Hence,i still have two major task to do.1st-preparing slides for Psychology of Education course tomorrow (so lecturer is a perfectionist and a bit fussy).2nd-revising Structure of English's Mid-Sem test.O.M.G!so many topic to cover.lots of exercises to do.i need to put all my effort on it since i'm not satisfied with my marks in recent need to make my pointer higher than last sem...oh...kind of stress right now! cool...

thats it!lets call it a day...still have group discussion at 9pm...go!go!go!

*Malam progress...i'll write about it later.more interesting-->langkawi trip YUHUUUUU!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009


hm....actually i've nothing to is ot my day.perhaps i wake up at the wrong side of the bed.
my day started with Psychology's class which went quite well and continued with briefing about tomorrow's activity with the orphanage.i have to usher those childen together with Ayuni n mirul. Besides that, i will working with afzan n amri for keretapi manusia activity.other than that, i dont think that they need me.
after everything bout tomorrow had been settled, i went to our cafe and eat nasi lemak with maisarah.she shared a story about her brother who had lost his sight.the story actually make me feel how grateful i am.insafla kan...after have my meal, i went back to my room and get prepared to go to Gurney Plaza with Chin and janu. We filled our tummy with so much food at Seoul Garden,eating steamboat.Yummy!
And the worst come...i dont have any interest to write further bout it.just let me,myself keep it la ek...
as people said,any cries will come with do I.when i was clicking to my school's blog, i found one of my shool teacher's blog. Suddenly the memories comes to me as i view all pictures of myy teachers and my school.there's no word that can describe how much i missed it.
cant wait to go home.cant wait to see my hometown again,my family and of course...SMK Membakut II tersayang...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Dream...Come True

For how many years i've been dreamt to be at Istana Budaya to watch PGL the Musical and this year, on Valentine's Night February 14,2009 my dream come true!!!!
I was so excited counting day by day for that night. i cat wait to watch with my own eyes Adlin, Tiara, AC Mizal n Stephen Rahman (betul ek?not good in memorize people's name) acting on the stage. although a bit nervous bcoz i have to spend 2 days and 2 nights with mirul n onney.
We went there by train...honestly...its a tiring journey!8 hours inside the train without anything to see (besides ghost hahaha).and i have to control my movement as onney sit beside me huhuhu...both mirul n onney could slept peacefully but i couldnt!what a night!
we arrived at KL Sentral the next morning. spent our morning by "lepak" at Mc D and went to KLCC after that. I was a bit suffered of leg pain while walked around KLCC but i dont care because i enjoyed it especially during our tour to Aquaria with Tashia, Eric, Tanya and Sharlene. We went back to KL Sentral around 5pm and preparing ourselves for the big night.
Arrive at Istana Budaya around 7pm, we were so excited and took so many picture as we could. After having our dinner, we entered the hall and.....well you know what happened after that..
I still feel lucky and cant forget each scene i've watched especially the scene when Adlin sing n reaction is "WOW!He can dance!"and he has so macho voice(kalah anuar zain wooo).so people out there, he is really qualified to be a critic..
around 12am, we went back to our "hotel" and the next morning we took train and penang...i'm home!
I wish that i can watch PGL again and again and again and again..for thosewho involve in this production..WELL DONE!such a fantastic and superb theatre! two thumbs up and 5 star for u all

Istana Budaya Main Entrance

with Radhi Khalid after the show

the new hang tuah n gusti putri heheh

with Canadian friends

Eric, Tanya, Sharlene n Tashia (mirul is Malaysian ok)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


oh my god!!!! what a life that i have to face is so hot and lots of work to do and not to mention my back pain and such a heavy headache for this whole week. Sometimes i feel that i could not handle those thing but thanks a lot for my spirit and mind energy...along with courage given by my friends and also my love..i can make far...

i have nothing to write actually, just doing some "warming up" for my sweet little fingers before i start work out with my assignments.Not forgotten my eyes which nearly close right now.It is 3pm, what do you expecting me to do everyday,huh?

talk about my excited but frighten towards my days at KL starting from tomorrow night with my dear mirul and onney.i hope that take a good care of this someone daughter hahaha (watch out mirul and onney!). some of my friends suggested to bring some weapon (i thinking of it for a while...).somehow from their advices, i feel that i lost my gut!yeah, of course i do have some martial art skills...but who know?jeng...jeng...jeng...ah!dont think too much i right?

next going to talk on Valentine's Day. This is a hot topic for these few days. Well, i never ever celebrate this day because of religion la..but i love to take a view on how people (especially loving couple) celebrating it. to be honest, i feel a little bit jealous with someone boyfriend giving his girlfriend something and they spend their time together(ala...actually ari lain pun bleh gak kan?)and it makes me thinking of him i miss him and want him to be with me now (jiwang le pulak). unfortunately, both of us getting far than usual because he is now in Langkawi and i'm going to kl. so, we only will meeting each other next week...cant wait!!!

hm...thats all la for now.since i have to complete my assignment, i better end my writing.feel free to read another post later.tatatititutu....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

HE...HIM...and ME

it almost 4 years we have not been contacted with each other...suddenly here he is...knocking my fs door...asking to be one of my friend...can you imagine my feeling?seems like my heart dropped!

at first, i dont even know should or shouldnt i approve his hand shivering...can hear my nerves and heart throbbing hardly and tears waiting to drop.Am i over reacted?i dont know...

for those who know our story, they might understand why am i reacting like that. It such a looooong....story. Full with frustuated,sadness and unforgettable moment in my life...five years,five years my life with love but bitter...five years with hope and it last with a broken heart.

I'm confuse with my feeling. I'm happy that at last we meet again even though in this virtual world. I also afraid that feeling towards Aizat will change...Its frighten me so much...should i happy?Should i regret?someone...please help me...i couldnt handle this situation even after so many years...and to you my dear Aizat...I hope you is so difficult for me...He is my past that i cant forget...Sorry for those who not satisfied with my statement...i'm such a loser in this situation...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Good bye January...Hello February!

So sudden! I really didnt notice february has started...Am i dreaming?

This february,my life become more hectic.with all the assignments,quizzes, not forgotten my activitiesSSS...oh my God!24 hours not enough for me..I need time and space to breath.
Here are my "To do" list:
9 February - Dateline for Classroom Management Assignment and Malam
Mengenang P.Ramlee's meeting.
13 February - Submission date for Psychology of Edu. assignment
14 February - Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical..supposely in KL oready
21 February - An activity with the orphanage
28 February - Trip to War Museum pack my schedule? student's life...3 more years to go!!!

p/s:so excited with Malam P.Ramlee...cant wait (eventhough hav so many work to do)