Monday, December 8, 2014

A tale yet forgotten

Its been its been sooooooo long that I've written anything in this blog. I intentionally want to deactivate the blog but yeah...things happen for some reason and for this, the blog become my way of expressing my feeling, my view or anything..again.

What I have been through all this while? I married to a man I love, my Enchek Aizat or Daud or KK or Tulang or whatever people call him. He is mine now hahaha. We tied the knot in a simple yet memorable ceremony on 22 November 2013, on my parents 29th anniversary. A new journey with new big family and challenging if I could say it. We lived apart for 5 months since he worked in Muar,Johor and by God's will..he transferred to Membakut in early June.

For photos of my big day, please click this link -->

I don't know which pictures should I paste on this post, so, make thing easier...feel free to view my facebook page as above. For those who interested la...I'm not a celebrity by the way so its not a compulsory.

Career...I currently teaching in SK Lingkungan,Beaufort about 75km from where I'm staying now. Took me almost 1 hour to reach my school. The school is not bad..students mostly kadayan so do the teachers.They are bruneian. I have my own gang consist of 5 excellent,funny, supportive and hardworking teachers and I am the youngest teacher in that school. There are ups and downs, of course but I will write about it later in another post. For now, I just follow the flow, do my work, be happy with everything I do. Feel so comfortable with my students,love them and make them love me too heheheh

I am a student. A postgraduate student,to be exact. nearly finish my first semester. How did I further my study? One, I found myself love learning more than teaching. I want to learn something new. Every course I attended organised by PPD never feed my thirst of knowledge. Two, i was influenced with my colleague. She keeps telling me that I should continue my study when I'm young,before I have kids.Three, I was being challenged by one of the teacher in my school who said my degree was nothing. I know nothing.Zero. Four, It is one of my escape plan. I dont think I will be a teacher until retirement. I have my own goal. At least, something else besides a primary school teacher. A lecturer in Uni or college or perhaps...teachers' college?I dont know. So, here I am. doing Masters in TESL.Yup, TESL instead of psychology as I planned before. Why?will get to that later, in another post.

Lots..lots of thing happened within a short of time. Even after I get married. I lost my father-in-law on May 17.A day before my Enchek's birthday. I did not get many chances to know him, talk with him,spend together with him. Yet, I have a little satisfaction that I have settled my part as a manja little daughter as he had told me once. 3 days with him was memorable. His advice will be with me forever.

I also lost my grandfather on Dec 2. Just recently. Could not say much because tears is coming now and I've promised myself to never cry anymore. I another day...write everything about him.

Soo..yeah.thats it for now. Till then.