Wednesday, April 8, 2009

its time for a real picture

ever been in a talentime?dont hav any guts to reveal the other side of yourselves?yasmin ahmad can help u!

wow...i think i can make some money in advertising business is the story...
finally, after waiting for so many days and free time...i managed to go to the cinema and catch a movie directed by Yasmin Ahmad. I've watch her other movie like sepet,mukhsin and gubra...i love the "malaysiana" element in all her movie. She did show a true malaysian.she did emphasize the multi cultural in malaysia..more than ever...she has brought a true MAlaysian film to us..salute for her...

i dont want to talk much on this movie.if u guys are eager to find out the synopsis, cast is the link that u should view :

so...for me, it is juz a very simple movie but it attracted me in the way the story connected. there are 3 minor stories (mostly about family matters) but all story connected by the relation of the characters. besides that, i also happy to see new faces in this film. Of coz there are azean irdawaty, mohd syafie naswip (mukhsin), jaclyn victor, harith iskandar and adibah noor but i am not concern about these big names. Though the new actors are still "kaku" but i can feel their emotion in bringing the characters. I even cried during the last scene!

another thing is Yasmin brings us to look into Indian culture. It is not easy to find a malay film with Indian elements.i believe that just a few malay or chinese love to watch tamil movie.Here, we can see indian's custom before marriage,their thought and lots more. where we can find anything similar?

but...this movie also remind me about my life as a teacher later. Most of the characters using english in their daily life. students (secondary school) even speak better english than teacher!i feel a bit nervous when one of the character, MAwar speaks english in british accent...OMG!hw if i hav tht kind of student?i'll be dead...

in other part, i learnt that a teacher should encourage students to take part in any activities such as talentime (^_^).i really want to be like cikgu adibah in this film. her passion in making an excellant talentime is amazed me.i want to be like mr.tan who didnt punish his student without any investigation.i want to be in a school where students and teachers can cooperate with each other...i want to so many thing i learn in this movie...

so fella!dont waste time ur this movie..its maybe an ordianary story...but full with real life...real picture of malaysian...


MizBeLL said...

i've gotta watch talentime..hoho..btw sis..
u're going 2 be a gud tchr..
juz hve a faith in urself..
n jz pray dat u wont get students as noty as me..hehek..
n hope u'll found a cat as cute as me..ops,i mean as cute as my cat..ngeh3..

me n myself said...

tq so much bel..
thank god u made the last sentence..
i juz imagined ur fury face huhuhu

MizBeLL said...

i thought i saw a pussycat..
&& there's a bell hanging on her neck && there's also a tag name..
what is it..errrrr...
hah!got it!! its yanti..?

me n myself said...

oooo...hw dare you...gudushhhh!!!