Sunday, September 6, 2009

How to cure your homesickness?

1. Always call your family at home.

2. Put your family photo as desktop's wallpaper.

3. Set your family photo as your hp's screen saver @ wallpaper @ start up picture.

4. Share your story about your family with friends.

5. Remember your purposes of being far from them.

6. Make yourself as busy as possible.

7. Buy your flight ticket (in my case) earlier so you know you will be going back home.

8. Make sure you have prepared some souvenir for them (the feeling of shopping for your family so much enjoyable than shopping for yourself!)

9. Frequently check on the calendar...Countdown to Balik Kampung.

10. Pray that you will dream of them every time you sleep.

p/s: Cant wait to go home!!!!

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