Friday, July 10, 2009

library cat?

I know that i am a, i decided to buy a book about a cat name Dewey Readmore Books..For those who know this cat for so many years...i just know it a week ago...

I didnt know there was a famous library cat named Dewey in a small town Iowa..He just an alley cat but he did some magic to people there..He is gorgeous, handsome, cute and more than all..a very2 adorable cat..

I not finish reading the book yet because i know the end of the story. I search in the internet bout this cat..and i'm shy to admit that i cried..He had died 3 years ago and i just know him...

A cat never failed to play with my feeling...and i miss my cats at home now!!!!!!

Dewey Readmore Books...cute rite?


MizBeLL said...

x prnh dgr pon..
femes sgt ka dat cat..?

putribayu said...

really femes around 80's

MizBeLL said...

uda bc ceta dya..
bez jg..
she died on 29 nov 2006..
juz a day b4 my bday..
so sad..