Monday, July 26, 2010

kucing meow meow

when i was in secondary school...i used to write this quote to all my frens..

" friendship is like sound of health..its seldom known until it'll be last" - Charles Caleb Colton..
Kind of like dis..

in other words..friendship is sumth unnoticed..but people will see it when its fade away...
I always remenber dis quote even not complete..i saw it in my doctor's notebook..that time..i was alone..with none of my fren came and visited feeling dat time??cant be described..

i'm a person who value friendship..but..i cant show..

~ i cant b a gud person to lean on while u cry~
~i cant giv opinion on dresses that u wanna buy~
~ i cant persuade u to buy things ~
~ i cant tolerate wif ur mistakes ~
~ i cant listen to u if i hv works to do ~
~ i cant tell u r rite if i feel u r wrong ~
~ i cant giv u advice in a way dat u want ~
~ i cant stand walk around shopping complex for hours ~
~ i'm not a gud gossip girl ~

there's lot more dat i cant do...and for that...I'M SORRY FOR BEING MYSELF

~ i'm not a perfect girlfren ~

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