Thursday, February 12, 2009


oh my god!!!! what a life that i have to face is so hot and lots of work to do and not to mention my back pain and such a heavy headache for this whole week. Sometimes i feel that i could not handle those thing but thanks a lot for my spirit and mind energy...along with courage given by my friends and also my love..i can make far...

i have nothing to write actually, just doing some "warming up" for my sweet little fingers before i start work out with my assignments.Not forgotten my eyes which nearly close right now.It is 3pm, what do you expecting me to do everyday,huh?

talk about my excited but frighten towards my days at KL starting from tomorrow night with my dear mirul and onney.i hope that take a good care of this someone daughter hahaha (watch out mirul and onney!). some of my friends suggested to bring some weapon (i thinking of it for a while...).somehow from their advices, i feel that i lost my gut!yeah, of course i do have some martial art skills...but who know?jeng...jeng...jeng...ah!dont think too much i right?

next going to talk on Valentine's Day. This is a hot topic for these few days. Well, i never ever celebrate this day because of religion la..but i love to take a view on how people (especially loving couple) celebrating it. to be honest, i feel a little bit jealous with someone boyfriend giving his girlfriend something and they spend their time together(ala...actually ari lain pun bleh gak kan?)and it makes me thinking of him i miss him and want him to be with me now (jiwang le pulak). unfortunately, both of us getting far than usual because he is now in Langkawi and i'm going to kl. so, we only will meeting each other next week...cant wait!!!

hm...thats all la for now.since i have to complete my assignment, i better end my writing.feel free to read another post later.tatatititutu....

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ieraLEE said...

hopefully nothing will happen to you guys!