Monday, October 20, 2008

one family under god.Aju!


i've went to kl last weekend for World University Students Assembly and Global Peace Festival in KL for three days. It was an awesome experience!


8.00AM - we depart from our institute by bus.40 of problem so far.

4.30PM - arrived at KL. Searched UM (took about 30min).

5.00PM - arrived at UM but he organizer told us to go Shah Village Hotel.only international students will stay at UM.

5.++PM - arrived at Shah Village Hotel. Registration and joined Culture Exchange activity. Enjoyed watching performance from Thailand,Brunei and Afghanistan and we danced Poco-poco Dance later.

7.00PM - dinner break. i've met a guy from cambodia (cant remember his name).

8.30PM - Culture of Heart begin. Briefing about our activity for the next day (Service for Peace) and some video presentation (Ryan's Well). I cried with Ira n Kak Ain...

9.30PM - go to Michael' Badminton Academy, Puchong where we will spend next two days here. Quite good. better than Cockraine hahahaha

10++PM - have our supper (nasi lemak ayam panas!panas!).bathed and ZZZzzzz...


4.30am - beginning of my day.sooo early!

6.30am - depart to Kampung Kerinchi

7.00am - arrived at Kg.Kerinchi. What a place...Have our breakfast,registration n go to our group. I was in group 30!

9.30am - team-building. Ice breaking (i've met the cambodian guy again, three new international friends from Thailand (chen,smith and cant remember the other one), girls from sabah! and Jannah from upm.

10.00am - service for peace...sweeping,washing, brushing and painting. met new friend name Azam.working and fighting with him a lot.i also enjoyed chatting wif local kids there..

12.00 - sesion ended after sweating and over-eat rambutan (ngok in thailand).lunch

1.20pm - performance from hong kong delegates, Um students, and thailand deldgates. Not so happy with the emcee who continue the performance rite after azan. a pakcik came and mengamuk!seram...

2++pm - launching ceremony.Excited with Danell Lee (soo cute) and inspired with Dr Hyun Jin Moon (hmmmm...)

5++pm - lets call it a day. went back to,sleep...having bad migrain that nite :(


10.00am - depart to stadium tertutup bukit jalil

11.00am - got ticket, exploring the carnival with my friends...took many photo as we can...hehehe

1.00pm - entered the stadium.concert begin

3.00pm - grand closing ceremony begin.cant wait to see Dato Syed Muszaphar!!!

3.30pm - Mr.Teh asked me n Mirul to join the Marching.So panic!we were not in proper scared if our lecturer get angry.but...Gasaklah!

4.00pm - i was in the center of the stage!!!!

4.30pm - focused on our handsome astronout's speech...aaaahhhh....

4.35pm - Dr. Hyun Jin Moon made his speech...AJU!!!!

5.00pm - concert begun.

6++pm - exit the nightmare begin

8.35pm - depart to penang after searching for my friends, bus, friends again and bus again.Get wet coz of rain.

3.00am - arrived at i4p. i having flue and headache!!!

this is where peace begin

here we sow the seeds of love

it all starts with our knowing

we are one family

we are one family under god..AJU!!!

living for the sake of other....

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